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Welcome to the Ayrshire Bagpipe Company website

Purchase bagpipe parts direct from maker, order bespoke bagpipes, and Piper hire. Bagpipes and bagpipe parts are traditionally made from African Blackwood or similar woods which these days are in short supply and expensive to buy. However at Ayrshire Bagpipes most of our products are made from sustainable materials (stainless steel, polypenco and imitation ivory). Some parts of the bagpipe – blowpipes, mouthpieces, stocks etc can be made from almost any material and will not alter the tonal quality of any traditional wooden bagpipe. All parts are individually crafted by Ayrshire Bagpipe Company in Ayrshire, Scotland by pipers for pipers. Ayrshire Bagipes also offer a "hire a piper" service as well.


Ayrshire Bagpipe Company