Ayrshire Bagpipe Company

Welcome to Ayrshire Bagpipe Company

Purchase bagpipe parts direct from the maker, order bespoke bagpipes, and Piper hire. Bagpipes and bagpipe parts are traditionally made from African Blackwood or similar woods which these days are in short supply and expensive to buy. However at Ayrshire Bagpipes the majority of our products are made from stainless steel, polypenco and imitation ivory. Blowpipes, mouthpieces, stocks etc can be made from almost any material and will not alter the tonal quality of any traditional wooden bagpipe. All parts are individually crafted by Ayrshire Bagpipe Company in Ayrshire, Scotland by pipers for pipers.

At Ayrshire Bagpipes HQ we're working away in splendid isolation, here in our home-based workshop! At one time we used to mourn the lack of human contact... Now we're quite content to spend our days going from bed to machine. We are still processing orders and doing all we can to ensure a quality service although there may be delays with delivery times. Thank you for your continued support and understanding at this difficult time.

Our Big Bore Blowpipes are used by many top soloists and bands.3/8" Bore. Sturdy, replaceable bu..
1 full set of black polypenco stocks. Combed and beaded with imitation ivory ferrules. Standard 13/1..
Made of imitation ivory and highly polished stainless steel. Black plastic screw-in tip.5 1/2" (..
Premium Reed Protector made of soft wood for moisture control. Soft wood prevents mould growing on t..
Extra large bore 7/16" - oval end. Comes with latex sleeve.  Made from polypenco. Standard scre..
Our Big Bore Blowpipes are used by many top soloists and bands.3/8" bore. Sturdy, replaceable bu..
Replacement latex mouthpiece Sleeves. These will be supplied in pairs and will measure appoximately ..
Our Big Bore Blowpipes are used by many top soloists and bands.Swivel Blowpipe adjusts to angles..