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About Us

The Ayrshire Bagpipe Company was established in 1990 by Brian Mulhearn, a stalwart of the Scottish solo piping scene. The focus of the company since its inception has been to manufacture unique, high quality products for a small specialised segment of the Highland piping market. With the attention to detail, passion and individual touch that only a small, independently run business can achieve, the Ayrshire Bagpipe Company has gone from strength to strength.

When, in 2020, Brian made the decision to retire from the business, he was delighted to pass the baton on to his son, Ben; ensuring the business's future as a true family enterprise. Studying under his father since 2011, Ben shares the same values and passion for high quality craftsmanship that have cemented the company's reputation as one of Scotland's leading artisanal bagpipe makers. With a determination to build upon his father's vision and expertise, Ben continues to make distinctive products such as the industry standard Big Bore range, while developing his own identity as a craftsman.