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Maintenance Essentials

Soft Wood Reed Protector Soft Wood Reed Protector
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Model: m-36
Premium Reed Protector made of soft wood for moisture control. Soft wood prevents mould growing on the reed as it dries out. Polypenco ferrule. The screw is tapped into the ferrule for more durability.  ..
Canmore Hybrid Pipe Bag – 4 Collar / Zip
Model: Canmore 2
The Latest addition to the Canmore® range is the Hybrid bag. This bag is constructed using Technically advanced GORE-TEX® fabric with a hide outer. This gives the feel and weight of a hide bag without the maintenance associated with traditional hide bags. This bag comes supplied with a jubilee clip,..
Canmore Synthetic Pipe Bag - 4 Collar / Zip
Model: Canmore 1
Made from the original Technically advance GORE-TEX® fabric. This bag comes with 4 collars and zip for easy access to inside the bag. The bag comes supplied with a jubilee clip, O ring, tape, zip lubricant. Sizes Small – 9 ½” x 26 ¼” Extended Small – 9 ½” x 27 ¼” Medium – 10 ¼” x 27 ¼” Exte..
G1 Platinum Pipe Reed
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Model: ABC200
G1 PLATINUM produces more resonance and clarity,  particularly on the top hand. G1 PLATINUM  also has a sharper high A which suits an even wider range of chanters, such as the Sinclair and Naill. It locks in perfectly with your drones producing a lovely balance and TRUE SOUND. G1 PLATINUM ..
Plastic Reed Protector
Model: m-37
Bagpipe chanter reed protector. Made from black polypenco    ..
Full Set of Reed Protectors
Model: m-59
3 plastic drone reed protectors and soft wood chanter reed protector...
Blowpipe Valves
Model: m-39
Blowpipe valves - made from non-perishable silicone rubber and copper staple. Sold in packets of 10..
ABC Drone Valves
Model: m-38
Set of 3 valves Ayrshire Bagpipe Company high performance drone valves. To fit in the bottom of stocks. Preset for use. Only really of use with zipper bags and are not suitable for traditional skin bags as seasoning would foul up the operation...
Model: m-40
Yellow waxed hemp - 50grammes,  Black waxed hemp - 50grammes or Regular Yellow hemp - 50 grams...
Chanter Tape
Brand: Ayrshire Bagpipes Model: ABC 136
Chanter Tuning Tape, 12mm wide just need cut to the required length...
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