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Gannaway Highlander Pipe Bag Dressing 250ml
Specifically designed and manufactured to compliment Gannaway Pipe Bag leather, but still suitable f..

Leather Sealant 75ml
Gannaway Leather Primer is essential for newly fitted Gannaway Pipe Bags, and superb for helping to ..

Silver Chanter Sole
1975 R.G Hardie Silver Chanter Sole still in excellent condition. 2 3/4 inch diameter. ..

ABC Maintenance Kit
The ABC Maintenance Pack includes: Chanter Tape, 10 Chanter Reed Bridles, 5 stock stoppers, 3 dro..

Full Set of Reed Protectors
3 plastic drone reed protectors and soft wood chanter reed protector. ..

Full Set of Black Plastic Reed Protectors
Set of black polypenco reed protectors. ..

ABC Drone Valves
Set of 3 valves Ayrshire Bagpipe Company high performance drone valves. To fit in the bottom of..

1 Metre Latex Mouthpiece Sleeving
1 meter of latex mouthpiece sleeving. Cut to the size required and fit over the tip of your mouthpie..

Blowpipe Valves
Blowpipe valves - made from non-perishable silicone rubber and copper staple. Sold in packets of ..

Premium Reed Protector
Premium Reed Protector made of soft wood for moisture control. Soft wood prevents mould growing on t..

Plastic Reed Protector
Bagpipe chanter reed protector. Made from black polypenco     ..

Yellow waxed hemp - 50grammes,  Black waxed hemp - 50grammes or Regular Yellow hemp - 50 grams...

Stock Stoppers
5 Stock Stoppers. ..

Drone Stoppers
1 bass and 2 tennor drone stoppers. ..

Chanter Tape
Chanter Tuning Tape, 12mm wide just need cut to the required length. ..

Latex Mouthpiece Sleeves
Replacement latex mouthpiece Sleeves. These will be supplied in pairs and will measure appoximately ..