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Polycarbonate Pipes
See through bagpipes made from clear polycarbonate. Sound very good - and with use of proper moistur..

Stainless Steel Pipes
Made from stainless steel tubing and titanium lined with wood. Chanter made of dural with titanium s..

Tufnol Pipes
Made from whale brand tufnol. Tufnol is a material made from wound linen and was used as a non condu..

Set of African Blackwood pipes "sticks and stocks". Imitation Ivory Mounts with Stanless Steel Ferru..

ABC Poly 01
Set of plain turned polypenco pipes "Sticks and Stocks". Supplied with Big Bore Adjustable Blowpipe ..

ABC Poly 02
Set of polypenco pipes "sticks and stocks". Imitation Ivory Mounts and Stainless Steel ferrules with..