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Extra large bore 7/16" - oval end. Comes with latex sleeve.  Made from polypenco. Standard scre..
Black plastic mouthpiece. Fits any standard blowpipe thread. 9/16 x 30 tpi, 21/64" bore. ..
Made of imitation ivory and highly polished stainless steel. Black plastic screw-in tip.5 1/2" (..
Black plastic practice chanter mouthpiece. Has standered 7/16" x 30tpi thread. &nb..
Made from highly polished stainless steel with a polypenco screw in tip.Has standard 7/16" x 30 ..
Mouthpiece with built in valve 5 1/2" Long. Made from black polypenco.  ..
Bagpipe mouthpiece. Made of polypenco. Bent to approximately 40-45 degrees to give less pressure on ..
Highly polished stainless steel mouthpiece with screw in plastic tip. Fits any standard blowpipe thr..