ABC Ace 01

ABC Ace 01
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Ayrshire Bagpipes acetal bagpipes have virtually the same sound quality as our blackwood bagpipes, the drones are made to the same dimensions using the same processes and method’s as our blackwood bagpipes. 

Our acetal bagpipes are very easy to clean and are low maintenance, making them an ideal starter set for beginners. They are also perfect for experienced pipers looking for a robust and durable instrument, especialy when living in or traveling to extreme climates as there is no worry of cracks appearing or the instrument warping.

Acetal is one of the strongest and most rigid of all thermoplastics and if looked after our acetal bagpipes will last a lifetime.


Big Bore Blowpipe

Integrated black acetal projecting mounts and ferrules

Black acetal ring cap bushes

Plain Turned acetal drones