The Extraordinary Little Cough

The Extraordinary Little Cough
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'The Extraordinary Little Cough' is the result of a childhood spent touring around Scotland's highland games circuit as a solo piper, coupled with years of interest in exploring different sounds. The tracks are all based around traditional Scottish and Irish pipe tunes (with one exception) and try to use those melodies, and the stories associated with them, to create something new - using electronics, samples, found sound, voice and instruments not commonly heard in traditional music.


1. The Battle of Waterloo
2. Captain Jack Murray,
3. An Long Eirennach (featuring Bannal)
4. Lament for Owen Roe O'Niall (featuring Allan MacDonald)
5. Gravel Walks
6. The Little Cascade
7. Jock Wilson's Ball
8. Tiree Bridal Song
9. The Desperate Battle of the Birds (featuring Allan MacDonald)


Arranged, recorded, performed, mixed and produced by John Mulhearn